Please allow us to introduce ourselves.


Ken and I moved back to the farm in 1977 and soon thereafter settled on SW3-21-5W, which had been the homestead of my maternal  great grandparents, near Lundar between the lakes in central Manitoba. Additional land was purchased from my parents, which had belonged to my dad's family since the area was first settled.


There we raised our four children, Jeffery, Joel, Janalee and Anthony, who always took an active part in the farm, in the Lundar 4-H Beef Club, and later in showing the purebreds.


We first raised commerical cattle and were recognized provincially as the premier commerical performance breeder in 1989. In that same year, we purchased our first Salers and never looked back.


Ken & Wendy 

Salers have proved to be everything we ever wanted as cattle producers - suberb mothering ability, calving ease, high fertility in both bulls and females, longevity and premium carcasses - all in on package.


By 2014, we had developed the purebred herd to 130 active females. Many of the top performers in the Salers herdbook carry our SLS prefix.


We are proud to raise these great Salers cattle and to be friends with some wonderful fellow breeders.


              - Wendy Sweetland

Joel, Tony, Janalee, Jeff