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Due to health concerns this fall, we were not able to proceed with an intended   Salers Dispersal Sale in 2019, however we are offering our bred heifers, 6 bulls and 15 replacement heifer calves born in 2019.

Sweetland Super Six Salers (Ken & Wendy Sweetland of Lundar, MB) had planned to hold a fall 2019 dispersal sale. Regrettably due some health concerns earlier this fall , we could not do so. We are, however, offering  for sale as indicated above  high performing, young Purebred Salers female breeding stock as well as 6 bulls. All  are registered purebreds, all polled, reds and blacks in all groups.

Our females on offer include 20  bred heifers as well as 15 outstanding 2019 born heifer calves.  All bred animals will start calving mid February, 2020. To preview  our animals available, please visit our Videos page which depicts  a recent version as well as a previous video of the herd in mid- August 2018.

As well, please do express an interest in any individual bull that would complement your breeding program. Bulls available include our senior herdsire SLS 442D and 2018 born yearlings, most used in our herd in 2019.


All animals are from A.I. breedings and/or highly selected pedigrees/ strong performance sires. All of our animals are B-mann free by test or parentage. All females boast above average EPDs for growth and performance, strong milk EPDs and average to above average for sc EPDs.  37 of Canada's top 50 females (by WW) carry our SLS prefix.  We, along with our family, have developed this herd over the past 30 years, with strict attention to temperament, fertility, conformation and performance. 

We are pleased that SLS genetics represent one of the highest productivity herds in Canada with reasonably high accuracy EPD's available on each individual animal, as we have participated in Whole Herd Recording from the outset.


You may view performance records on Sweetland bulls and females under the sire summary heading on the Salers website. www.salerscanada.com or individual animals on the animal lookup feature. Our herd letters are SLS. Calving (birth) years will be 2018 for the bred heifers,  2019 for heifer calves, 2019 for yearling bulls. We have available up-to-date performance information on all animals (post National run by ABRI, January 2018.)

Service sire information  for the 2019 calf crop:

A.I. to KKCC Authority 304A       (MAC Union Station son)           reg #  65125B,      EPD 1.4 58 114 23  sc 0.5

SLS Pld Blk Diesel Dan 442D     (MAC Torrington 139Tson)       reg #  64710B      EPD 2.0  55   97 27  sc 0.3

SLS Cons PLD Explosion 325E   (ECR Constellation 562C son)  reg # 65522,         EPD 0.7  50  85 25  sc 0.4

SLS Pld Damian 418D               (MAC Torrington 139Tson)         reg #  64704        EPD 2.3  40   79 23  sc 0.2

SLS Cons Polled Elevation 309E (ECR Constellation 562C son)  reg # 65520         EPD 1.0  56  97  23  sc 0.5


Please feel free to call us at 204-762-5512 make an inquiry about any or all of our animals.


Ken & Wendy