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  Announcing our

Complete Herd Dispersal of

Bred Females

plus 4 select heifer calves

  October 21, 2020 9:00 am - October 22, 2020 7:00 pm


Online sale hosted by


Contacts: Mark Shologan 780-699-5082, Melissa McRae 204-573-9903

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Welcome from Sweetland Super Six Salers

After 30 plus years in the Salers seedstock industry, it’s time for our family to hang up our hats.  Please accept this as your invitation to “attend” our complete breeding herd dispersal sale hosted by FarmGate Timed Auctions online video sale, on October 21st and 22nd, 2020.


We will offer  62 lots of registered purebred bred females, who are young (age 1.5 to 6 years) and 4 select registered PB 2020 open heifer calves. All are phenotypically sound and attractive, and possess strong EPDs to prove their genetic value. We value comprehensive and accurate records to measure progress in our breeding program,  which is reflected in our program boasting 30 of the top 50 most productive  Salers cows in Canada, by weaning weight. Many of our SLS  sires have also excelled. (source: Salers Association of Canada performance data; you can locate our animals by the SLS prefix). 

The females we are offering include both reds and blacks, 98% polled (many multigenerations polled) and  all are BetaMann free by test or parentage. Annual vaccination protocols are in place as recommended by our veterinarians; any minimal herd health issues which might arise are addressed in consultation with them.

We are just as enthusiastic about Salers as when we started out! They are unrivalled for easy birthing, calf survivability, maternal efficiency, foragability on less than ideal ground and winter hardiness in some of the coldest parts of Canada. Salers’ feedlot gain ability and carcass quality round out their contributions to an efficient and profitable livestock industry.

Our cows are not pampered, raised on mainly marginal land in the Interlake region north of Winnipeg, MB. We believe our herd is fertile, functional and productive. The herd  thrives on a mix of natural and improved pastures and forages, with no creep feed supplied to calves prior to weaning weigh day. We credit strong genetics in the herd, advanced over the years by careful selections and matings to enhance targeted traits. Our success is also due to extensive use of the Salers Association of Canada’s Whole Herd Enrollment performance testing program to guide those decisions and measure results. Our 2020 calf crop achieved weights averaging  654 lbs for female calves and 692 for bull and steer calves. (derived from preliminary 205 day weight calculations)

All females, of breeding age, have been pregnancy checked by Dr. Justin Rosing, DMV on August 26th. Projected calving dates will be available on or before sale date for each sale lot.

We’d like to thank all who have supported our program with past purchases of bulls and females and express how much we value the friendships and connections we’ve made with breeders, customers and others, as a result of being part of the “Salers family”.

Our goal has always been “to provide genetics to make your herd more profitable.”  Our sale is a prime opportunity to select top Canadian genetics from  a herd with superior performance numbers and whose program has focused on unassisted birthings, temperament, fertility, and conformation, in addition to performance. 

Feel free to contact us if you wish to preview the herd on farm (from October 2 to sale date) or if you have questions prior to sale date.

Warm regards and best wishes to all.

Ken & Wendy Sweetland & family